Monday, December 17, 2012

Kedebon Colim: Nothing is Impossible!

I am the lady in red in the background! :))
So last year, 2011, we went to the Nazarene Youth Congress in Cebu.
It was a place where we met youth from Nazarene churches all over the Philippines!
There we met Kedebon Colim.
He was the jolliest and the funniest guy in that place! He oozed with so much confidence. He talked to everyone and tries to make everyone smile. 
I remember how he would make a scene during dinnertime - he would walk in the cafeteria, carrying a guitar and a lot of confidence, and would serenade people eating on every table.  He also had the funniest pick-up lines.
For days, we cannot get enough of him!

When we got the time to have a serious talk with him, we saw a different side of Kedebon.
Especially Jopel, whom he called Ace and whom he said was his bestfriend when he performed on the last night of NYC. (hahaha, touching) They talked mostly about how Kedebon could be used further to bring glory to God. Kedebon was encouraged during the NYC, through many things, to do greater things for God, no matter what the situation is, especially in his local church. 

Look at where he is now.
He surprised everyone by taking the Philippine television by storm!
He graced through X-Factor, a nation-wide singing competition televised internationally, and was a significant part in the competition's Top 6. We voted for him every week, and we followed his journey in the competition. We saw how he professed to the world his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Last Sunday, Kedebon, yet again, surprised us! He gave Taytay First Church of the Nazarene a visit and shared his testimony to both the Tagalog and the English service in the morning.
Everyone was surely blessed, witnessing how God showed His great power in Kedebon's life.
Kedebon also performed Nothing is Impossible that has a message that he found so true and so tangible in his life 

This was what he shared in the English service.

Nothing is Impossible, indeed!

Let's keep on praying for Kedebon that he would just let Jesus's light shine in his life through and through! 

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