Friday, December 28, 2012


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Everyone fears something.
Heights, the dark, cockroaches, spiders, dogs, confined space, worms..
The list of the things that make certain people fearful is endless! Could you even believe that there are people who have a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth? (Arachibutyrophobia) :D

What do you fear?
I used to think that I do not fear anything. I am a girl who was not scared of cockroaches, heights, spiders, whatever and even the dark. When the group talks about fears, I always had nothing to share. But this brings me to think, if I have no fear, no fear at all, why do some things bother me? Why are there things that make me worry? Aren't those things counted as fears?

There are fears that are more common, yet more denied.
Did you ever tremble thinking of what future awaits you? Fear of the future.
Did you ever got yourself thinking too much of what could be the right words to say as you confess to your crush? Fear of rejection.
Did you ever torture yourself with pragmatism because you want no loopholes to pull you down? Fear of failure.
Did you ever become desperate finding the one you'd want to marry? Fear of growing old alone.
There are many other things that scares people. Some fears gives people a few minutes of screaming and closing your eyes tightly, some fears haunt you and bring years of terror in your life that might affect crucial decisions you make.
You might even have millions of fears before you even realize it.

I'd ask you again, what do you fear?
You might fear hell, responsibilities, losing someone. We all have something that would kick us out of balance. Something that would break our stance. I think that's one reason why people keep on fighting to survive! We all want to overcome struggles, we all want to know how it would feel without fear oppressing us.

Is it possible to live without fear?
Lately the enemy has been injecting in my mind fears I didn't have before.
People fear anything uncertain.
Have you ever been in a scenario with a missing cockroach? It was flying and crawling around you until you lose sight of it. How does it feel? It feels scary, you put your guards up because you worry that anytime it could fly up to you. Why does one tremble at the dark? Because you don't know what danger could be surrounding you. That's how we fear uncertainty.
Where can we ever get certainty?
What God's telling me is that only He can give us the certainty that washes out any fear. We cannot be certain of what specifically is going to happen, but looking up to God, we become certain and assured that all He vies for is whatever's good for us. When you know where to put your trust in everything, you'll be able to fully realize the assurance of God's promises.

If you are assured that there is a God who's indeed certain of what's to happen, fear of the things of the world subside.

When you allow God to shed light to the road you're walking on, you don't have to worry about anything.
But then, walking on the path His light points to you is still a choice. You can choose either to walk in the narrow path with the light ray or to walk in the widest path minus the light.

God does not want us to fear petty things, He wants us to have fear in Him, not because He is egotistical, but because He knows that fearing Him would be the motivation for us to follow His light.

1. Everyone fears something.
2. It is uncertainty that scares us!
3. God doesn't want us to fear, that's why He shed light to the path we walk on.

Could there be a fear of fearing something? Haha random question. :P
Kidding aside, what fears do you want to overcome? :)


Raymond Paul Valencia said...

The fear of losing someone really important is one of the greatest fears of all. :)

Faye Medina said...

Yes, you're right, Paul :) But you see, God is an expert from making something beautiful from painful experiences like losing someone special ;) No need to fear! Hehe

Raymond Paul Valencia said...

Yes. Just trust Him with everything you have and will have. He really is full of surprises that turns out to be good in the end. :)

Faye Medina said...

It's in our fears that we'd fully see God's power. God bless you, Paul! :)