Monday, January 14, 2013

Modest Alternatives

Would only be running errands? Do you only need to buy a few stuff from your nearest supermarket?
I know the feeling.. You don't want to make your favorite clothes dirty just to do random tasks.

But are shorts the only solution? No! :)

This attire in the picture is what I wore when I had to do a few stuff in SM Taytay last Saturday. It was an ensemble of leggings, mini skirt, black camisole and jacket (it was rainy, so it was weather-appropriate).

And it felt super comfortable! (I also felt quite pretty, haha)

If I was still the old immodest me, I would have worn denim shorts, a shirt and jacket. As I go through this modesty challenge, I realize.. Why wear immodest pieces when there is a more modest alternative? :)

When I go jogging, I no longer wear my favorite university shorts/nike shorts. I wear jogging pants/leggings.
When I go swimming, I no longer my favorite swimming shorts over two piece bikini. I wear a new favorite beach dress (with shorts underneath) that is knee-length. :)
When I have to run a few errands, I no longer wear the easy favorite, shorts + shirt. I wear leggings + a longer ensemble.

You see, fashion gives us a wide variety of choices. As I've said before, its vastness can cater modest women. We do not really have to join the competition among women of who can rock the most fashion trends.
If you realize how beautiful you are in God's eyes, you no longer have to be slaves of fashion.
Rather, you'd make your fashion choices as your slaves.
You become more mindful of what you wear, not because of the compliments from people, but because you know how much God is glorified with a simple fashion choice made by a radically God-loving heart! :)

In my opinion, modesty is not defined by the place you go or by the task you do. It
 is defined by a heart timelessly devoted to God! :)

Happy me :)

 Mom had so much fun taking jump shots. She insisted that she takes more jump shots even though I was so tired already.. Hahaha!

“I do not wish them [women] to have power over men;

What are the immodest clothes you usually wear that needs to have creative more modest alternatives? :)

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