Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beyond your Skin

I wanted to take a break from skirts last Sunday, so I wore this attention-getter pants. The print was crazy, because it had a lot of colors and textures. So I wore a plain black top over it. Here's a long sleeved dress spiced up by the sheer fabric and made it modest yet exciting.. Yes, you read it right. The top is a dress! Who says you can't wear it as a top? :P

I wore these pair of shoes because of the nude color, which somehow neutralizes the wildness of the pants, and the animal skin texture, which matched some patches of animal skin on the print of the pants.

I really like this gold cross necklace. I'm fond of necklaces, especially when they're gifts from special people. :)

That's our dog Maki. Half-Japanese Spitz, Half-askal.
Haha she stared at me as if she's asking what I was doing! :))

Pretty shoes! They also come in dark brown.. My sister, Ate Ann, has the dark brown version. :D

Dress worn as top: Forever 21 | Printed Pants: Terranova | Shoes: Charles & Keith 
Because of the animal skin prints, I thought of this thing I want to share to you regarding modesty.
Enjoy! Take it to heart. ;)

Modesty is not only skin deep
(click link to read article on modesty)


Aleksandra Ladygin said...

Love this outfit!

Faye Medina said...

Thank you Aleksandra! ♥ Lovelove :*