Monday, June 10, 2013

Modesty is from Grace Alone

Modesty is from grace alone.
One that pleases God is not earned through your own efforts - it is God who enables you to be modest, He is the One who molds your heart to be centered on Him alone.

This said, we do not have license to be prideful of being "modest".
Taking the step towards modesty could make someone boastful of this feat. It could make a girl feel that she's the most respectable, noble woman in the world! It could make her feel as if she's really precious, like the royal princesses and queens. It could make her feel more respectable than others.

She could feel entitled to that respect - and, along with that, entitled to judge the girls who doesn't really practice modesty. I don't know what motivates you to pursue modesty, it may be a Christian boyfriend, a sermon, a blog like this, or the Philippine's conservative culture. One thing's for sure - you learn stuff about modesty all because of God. Never because of your own doing.

When you recognize that every realization comes from the Lord, you should realize next that you have no right to judge other women. You have no right to compare yourself to "immodest" girls and see them lowly.
"Look at her! What a dress. What's she doing? Selling herself to every guy she sees?"
"Yuck! I would never ever wear such thing! Why did she wear that? She looks like a prostitute."

These are things women of the world say!
A woman who follows God would never judge so easily, without looking beyond the clothes. Where did the immodesty come from? Is it because of her insecurity? Does she dress that way because she thinks no one would like her otherwise? Is it because of her family who brought her up to think that she should please the people around her? Is it because she does not know the impact of immodesty to the community around her and to herself?

After knowing the root of her immodesty, I bet you would never talk so judgmental about her again. Immodesty is just a manifestation of brokenness inside. We all experience brokenness. That immodest girl do to. She needs someone who'll look at her heart first, not her clothes. She needs love, not the list of what to wear and not to wear.

If God-pleasing modesty comes from the heart, the only way to help girls struggling with immodesty is touching their hearts.
Not judgmental eyes.
Not gossips.
Not even an out-of-place correction.

Be Christ-like in responding to women who are immodest.
How do you think did Jesus interact with the prostitute? How do you think did He talk behind her back?
He surely did not judge her outside appearance.
He reached out His hand to her and moved in her heart.
And everything else followed..

You? How are you guilty of judging women because of their clothes?

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