Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here She Blooms!

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This is Hannah, my first ever disciple in my church.

I led a Bible Study when I was in High School, but I knew that with Hannah, it would be different. It would be more personal. And in my heart is a desire that this relationship would last a lifetime.

In 2009, we had a camp with the theme U-Turn. It was a camp where our batch of frontliners were first challenged into action. Hannah was one of my members in team Crossing (the camp's champion, ehem ehem).
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Our team won overall First Place in that camp! I remember how much we laughed and danced. I can remember how bibo they were at every activity. Though I barely notice Hannah. She seemed to be the shyest person in the group...until I got to know her! Hahaha! She was the only girl in the group who was not part of any CG yet. So I did my best to kidnap her on Sundays, before Gencon.

Here she blooms today! I never thought our friendship would last. Of all my CG members today, it was Hannah who saw how God empowered me as a leader. God gave me Hannah at a time where I knew so little about discipling, and even less about mentoring in its very sense.

Today, we celebrated her 18th birthday as I reminisce how much God has moved in her life ☺

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I am so so happy that God gave me the chance to share my life with Hannah's! She's the bubbliest (and should I say most innocent?) in the group. Siya yung pa-simple pero sobrang kulit.
She also has a great heart - she wanted us to celebrate at Shakey's so we could see her comrade who works there, Catherine (the one in blue). It was great seeing her and being updated of what's happening in her life. Indeed, we're sisters no matter how circumstances try to break us!! ☺

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We had our CG at Shakey's. The CG was my special gift for Hannah because I have no money to buy her anything.. Huhu..
I know our small group topic that night is something she'll need, though ☺

This was a day well spent. I am greatly encouraged by Hannah's life..

        To my sweet Hannah,
            I know God has great things in store for you, my dear. He has already prepared things that will surprise you.
            I thank God for allowing me to take a front-row seat and witness His great plans unfold in your life! I am always here for you.. We are always here for you! Group huuuuuug!! I love you!

(She hates group hugs.. She's always the one sandwiched. Hahaha)

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