Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Power Hug

Post #5I was supposed to go shopping with my mom but we agreed to postpone it for some reason we did not know. A few minutes later, CL, one of my small group members, came with the sweetest surprise! She brought Gab to our house! ❁

Yay! She is a bubbly part of our small group. Because of uncooperative schedules at work, we barely see her. It's so sweet of her to drop by before heading to work!

I wanna shout to the world how blessed I am to have met this amazing girl. Our relationship was sometimes bumpy, but we both find God's grace continuously enriching what we have between us. I see a heart that sincerely wants to know God more each day. Being her cg leader, I am blessed to witness how God moves everyday to empower her.

Gab, it's quite a rough time right now, I know. Always remember to look around you and see how God embraces you and gives you strength! Power hug! ★☆

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