Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Back to blogging.
I thank God for His faithfulness. Months passed since my last post. It was indeed a roller coaster ride to get here, but the crazy journey was all worth it because of the rich encounter with God along the way.
I was not as strong as I thought I was.
..but God showed me how stronger I can become if I come as I am to His feet, laying down all my weaknesses, bare-naked.

I stopped blogging because my laptop gave up on me. Little did I know, He laid my gadget to sleep in order to wake me up as I was obliviously giving up on myself. I was on the verge of falling apart and drifting away, so He stripped me naked.. And there I saw, ever so truthfully, how far from God my eyes were and how deep into myself my heart was.
During those humbling days, God clothed me with His grace, and I became the undeserving student of the Bearer of all wisdom. He's been teaching me how to fix my eyes on Him from the days of mundane to the nights of chaos. He's been teaching me how to stand with His strength, to stand in faith..
..to stand.

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