Monday, June 2, 2014

Stand Out

It's really hard to pursue modesty in this season. How can you survive the heat without having to compromise dressing for God? And it made me thinking.. Many girls would stop being modest when they are left to be the only one doing it. This season, everyone is splurging on the escapable summer trends (yet are unquestionably really comfortable). Short shorts, tube tops, tank tops, low v-necks, etc. And man, I know how hard it can be when everyone around you is in the pieces you vowed to say no to, seemingly comfortable and fresh. What challenge it is to stick to the more modest summer choices! Talk about peer pressure!

So what can make you stay modest in summer? If I haven't reflected on this a lot yet, I would say, buy the prettiest maxi dresses that would make you choose them over shorts! But I realized, there is a better reason to be modest in summer.

Do it for the glory of God!
Because worshipping Him through your clothes never goes out of season.
Yes, even when you're the only one doing it - it's okay to stand out if it is to worship your Creator.



Aleksandra Ladygin said...

Very beautiful!

Faye Medina said...

Thank you! :) Beautiful just like YOU ♥
God bless you dear :*

radi-chael Mesa said...

praise God in your life :)