Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Within the Princess is the Bravest Soldier

What I reflected (again) from our all-girl devotion last night was that it is indeed time for godly women to stand and take initiative!
We were not made to be passive, or taga-punas lang ng pawis ng mga kalalakihan. Although taking care of our brothers, especially those who would be our husbands-to-be, as they minister, is one important role of women, we are not limited to just that.

God confirmed to me this radical perspective when we tackled Romans 12:1 last night.
The girls who came were from different small groups, it was such a joy for me to witness this. It was not an "official" fellowship organized by the church, but then, girls from our youth group united, had fun and served God together. It sparked in my heart a deeper vision on the ladies of our youth group. More than ever, it challenged me in an outrageous way.

I don't know about what the situation is in other churches out there, but in ours, we witness more men taking the active roles in initiating ministries. It is in our youth group where I meet the most passionate and the most hard-working Christian men who does nothing everyday but serve God until it hurts. I also see how the support of these godly men's girl friends or wives helped them in their ministry.

But this created a question in my heart..

Where are the women standing up, taking a leap of faith, doing something sacrificial for God?
Where are the ladies who are brave enough to initiate and to spearhead extreme yet relevant ministries?

I tried to think.. Is it that the men are the only ones made to do the initiating?

And then God reminded me of the fields of ministry that are ought to be penetrated majorly by His princess warriors.
The teenage moms.
The prostitutes.
The insecure.
The seeker of love.
The fatherless daughter.
The sexually abused.
The relationship-addict.
The unbeliever of true love.
The girls who are secretly addicted to pornography.
And this list would go on and on...

Who would reach out to them? Who would have the deepest burden and the sincerest love for them? Who would most likely connect to these ladies more than anyone?
You've guessed it right. Women.

..and this is quite a task, so from where we are right now, we already have to learn how to worship God with our bodies as a living sacrifice, as a preparation to the big work of ministering to these girls in need of God.
Is merely supporting the men the best we can give?
There is more to us than moral support - God has blessed women with so much compassion and strength.
And there are other women in need who needs to experience what we can give to them!
Our brothers should not be the only ones to experience our care and our love.
We should go out, stop being passive, and be extreme and active in looking for these ladies in need.

With 3 of my CGs.
This was taken last Saturday during the church's baptism. Shirt screams: #SoldierInside
We should stop being the sweety cutesy "princesses"
and start unleashing the brave and passionate soldiers in us!


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