Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Finish Strong

It was indeed a challenge to write a blog post after what happened to a very inspiring woman of faith.
Our Tita Reby, our dear friend JR's mom, died in an accident while she was at Tikling junction, crossing the street. We are missing her a lot already. :-(

Her radiance was from the joy she finds in God!
It was a tragic farewell. And yet, God has been continuously using her life even now that she's no longer with us.
Her life is a big inspiration to people who knew her. She lived her life whole-heartedly following Christ, as witnessed by people around her..
Whew! I cannot imagine how much joy she now has seeing Him, the One she's most passionate about, face to face!

"For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain."
Philippians 1:21

Each person's memory of Tita Reby was of her kindness, her pure heart and her love for Jesus.
From her husband, sons, daughters, grandchildren, to us, who had only little but very meaningful encounters with her, seem to only think of her amazing love for God and for others when we think of her. She is a very devoted worshiper of God and lived every bit of her last days on earth for God.

She faithfully sought the Lord everyday.
She would wake up at 3am everyday to read the Bible, praise God with all her heart, and pray.
In fact, she had a journal entry written earlier that day, filled with praises and reverence to the King!
Her writing bursts with the love and the delight she has in God!

She used all of her days to love others with all that she is.
Every testimony we hear from various encounters of various people with her was overwhelming with her love and service.
From her immediate family, we hear of a mother and of a wife who put them first before herself. From those around her, we hear of how she treated them like they were family. From the others, we hear of how she used brief encounters to be a blessing in whichever way she could.
Everyone tells of a woman who had so much passion for God that she fervently prayed that more people would experience the joy of being in a relationship with Him.

What she left is a legacy.
She lived almost 68 years on earth, yet her physical age never interfered with her service to God and to others. The more we recounted her life on earth, the more her lifestyle is exposed to more people, the more her life shines with God's glory! She who worshiped God until she breathed her last. She who spent every last minute of her life to bless others. And now, she is with our Lord in heaven, doing the very things she genuinely delighted in - worshiping God and standing before all His glory!
(and so there is that hope that we will be reunited with her, rejoicing in the presence of God, soon)

I don't know about you, but for me, I want to say goodbye like Tita Reby.
Even in her last farewell, God uses her life timelessly, to lead people to Christ - her life being a great testimony of how God strengthens us and sustains us
so that we, His soldiers, would live a life that strongly impacts others' and finish strong.

..and reunited with our Sustainer we will be, more delightful in His presence than ever.

Let us all pray for comfort for the Rebenque and Ponciano families, and for everyone else who counts her as family, in his/her heart and in the faith.
1 Thessalonians 4:13

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