Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Fish In Our Schools

Today, I was privileged to witness how God uses some of the Genconers in their campuses.
God gave me the luxury of a four-month vacation, and, as what I desired before this started, He filled it with ministries bigger than what I had imagined! :-)

Within just 10 hours, God brought Jopel and me to 3 different places for campus ministry and had awesome small groups with God as the center!

UST CG at 9:30am.
FEU CG Launching (Yey! It's our first CG there!) at 12:30pm.
UE CG at 5:00pm.

"The Fish In Our Schools"

Lately, God has been reminding me how He wants to change the lives and just express His love and comfort to students in our campuses. In today's campuses, the youth experience some of the greatest challenges - from beautifully crafted temptations to intelligently presented ideologies. Every student in the campus experiences a lot of stress, which he gets from family problems or from academics or from his love life ... (or a feisty combination of these stressors). Too much of this stress, made worse by the competing noise of various (very interesting) perspectives, can easily make a student into a confused and battered baby.

That's why campus ministry is a gesture we could do to express the purest love for young people.

More young people need the freedom from all of these things that try to devour them in their college life. Every student deserves to live to the full potential God has created in him without being limited by the lies and beating this fallen world might have given them.

The Lord has been working so tangibly in our campuses, He has been using many youth groups today to change lives. If you're a student reading this, know that His love for your classmates, for your schoolmates is real. I am privileged to see the manifestations of this in a number of universities today! :) If you genuinely love our Lord, I encourage you to submit yourself to Him and become His hands and feet in His mission in your campus.

If you want to serve God, don't look too far! Whatever your setting is, know that God can use you there! You're not just a student in your university.
You are God's messenger.


Feel free to join us! :-) Check out the schedule of CGs: 

  • Taytay National High School - Mondays, 9am
  • CAYSMNHS - Friday Afternoon

  • Roosevelt College Cainta - Tuesdays, 12nn
  • University of Sto. Tomas - Tuesdays, 9:30am
  • Far Eastern University - Mondays, 3pm, Tuesdays, 12:30nn
  • University of the East - Tuesdays, 5pm
  • University of Rizal System ANGONO - Wednesdays, 10am
  • University of Rizal System BINANGONAN - Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1:30pm
Contact +639053079507 for more details (to know the meeting place, etc)

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