Saturday, August 16, 2014

Perfect Love drives out Fear

It's my first time to go to Lupang Arenda by myself.

I remember the first time we went here in Arenda. It was to teach the youth how to play musical instruments, for the purpose of giving them the opportunity to be good at something, so as to uplift their spirits.
After a while, we were moved by the obvious unsatisfied needs of the community, and it sparked in us the desire to give hope to the young people of Lupang Arenda. We were not rich enough to sponsor them by helping them in their financial needs, and we thought that these young people do not just need financial support.
These young people need to realize that, even though they were born "poor", they can still do something great with their lives!
And so, we started forming small groups to encourage them.

4 years was a roller coaster ride with them.
It was quite a challenge going there and helping them, because the situations such innocent kids were in were very complicated. The passion to help them be victorious over their circumstances overpowers any challenge that comes our way.

Today's challenge?
Going there by myself.
During the first few years of our ministry there, my mom wasn't very comfortable allowing me to go there. There are just too many stories about the people of Arenda. One friend told me before that when they were giving out medical aide and relief goods in this area, they had to use military tanks just to be safe from the people. They weren't allowed to get out of the tanks because many of the people had guns or knives with them. Sometimes, the teenagers from Arenda themselves tell us of the culture there. There were a lot of gang wars where actual people get killed. They even point to us the place these fights happen - an area we often pass by. This is why my mother only allows me to go there when I have company.

But today, my heart was tested. How much do I really love the young people there?
Would I go there by myself, even with all the risks?
Would I still go all the way to Lupang Arenda, even if it's just for one person?

And by the grace of God,
love eclipsed every bit of fear.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.1 John 4:18

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