Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Change Outfit

Change Outfit by revolutionista

These were my thoughts when the desire to start the modesty revolution first came into my heart.

Want to be F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S? Do you love F-A-S-H-I-O-N?
Who loves playing with clothes?
I do! And I bet most girls do.
How thrilling it is when you have different pieces complementing each other perfectly!
How fascinating it is when a dress magically flatters your body shape!
The way we dress is a special way to express who we are.When we, girls, love the clothes we are in, we become more confident and generally happier. When we feel "fabulosa", we tend to be less conscious about how we look and just enjoy moments as they come. Loving how we look break down insecurity, which I think is a common problem among girls. Who wouldn't love that deal? ;)

However, we have to be extra careful. Especially today, when the world is growing in wickedness.I bet you have already experienced "Witwiw" whistles or "Hi Ate" or "Hi Miss" from random strangers. These are absolutely creepy right? When you encounter these, you instantly feel like you're being watched. Going back and forth from Rizal to Manila for more than two years, I was given the opportunity to observe men
I can conclude that, indeed, lust is their ultimate weakness. 
Girls, I wanna ask you..Do you want to be lusted after by random men? Do you want some construction worker taking a mental image of your body and imagining ugly things with it? Yuck! Of course you don't!!
But if you think about it carefully, what we wear can be the number one thing that provokes them to think that way!
I read from Searching for Intimacy, a book written by Christian doctors, that there are men who can be aroused by the most "innocent" things we can think of. A slight peek at your shoulder. An effortless chance to see your bare back. A hint of cleavage. Your long legs. Thighs.
I hear from some men themselves that "It takes very little to make some guys feel sexually aroused". 
Oh no.. Isn't it quite alarming? 
I'm not saying all these to make you paranoid. I'm saying these to encourage you to share the burden of helping our brothers overcome that struggle in our own little way! 
Since I became a Christian, I gradually realized how majorly destructive sin is! Every time I encounter men who manifests that struggle, my heart breaks. I think of their families - this struggle indirectly but strongly affects these men's wives and children. I think of the many ways sin destroys the sinner. 
When you're a Christian, you want sinners to see God, right? How does your outfit impact the people around you? 
Are your clothes pleasing to God first or pleasing to this world's eyes only?
If you want to dress your best, dress up for God.
Don't settle dressing up like a princess. Dress up like a princess of God!
Yes, it would need sacrifice. Being more covered up, we'll feel the Philippine heat all the more.
Being a shopper myself, I also noticed that it is harder to find modest yet fashionable pieces..
Knowing stuff about proportions, I know that shorter skirts create the illusion of longer legs and showing some skin might actually add to the very aesthetic of what you wear.
Watching project runway, I know that some skin adds a factor to the overall look of the outfit.
However, realizing the grandeur of the purpose of dressing up modestly, I'm up for the challenge!
Are you? 
(I created this post not to brag how good I am at it, but to ask for your prayers as I take this radical challenge. I'm also just starting to change my wardrobe and make something crazy about the "unsafe" pieces. We can definitely feel fabulosa while pleasing God!) ☆★

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