Thursday, December 13, 2012

God Loves Pianos

          How did you feel upon seeing the first piano in your life? Upon feeling its ivory keys? Upon gazing at its prestige? If you were deaf, do you think you would appreciate it? If that piano was out of tune, thus, produces only noise, would it even catch your interest?

          Unappreciated, dull. A piano, dressed with nothing but black and white, may not appeal to anyone at all. This is how I once viewed myself. Unappreciated and dull. In this world where a vast sea of people have lived and died, I was just some wave tossed in the water. Seeing other people's achievements, I always told myself that there's nothing special about me. I didn't even think of how I would live my life. Que sera sera. I was out of tune, and I didn't care. I was a piano randomly played by some kid, instead of music, produced noise, heavily annoying anyone who hears. And I didn't care.

          You may not remember what you were doing on May 15, 2008, but to me, the last hour of that day was the beginning of something that made the remaining years of my life worth living.

          After so many years, I experienced the most unexpected thing in my life. I never thought it was the very thing I was actually waiting for all these years.
          He started playing my keys in a manner no one else can contend. Every note He played just seemed right. The melody, the rhythm, they perfectly suited my taste and gave justice to my existence. His prodigious playing left me in awe, staring at the potentials I didn't know I have. It was the most professional yet personal touch I've ever encountered. The Greatest of the greatest has done it again.

          When that time came, I sensed how every key was again in tune, like how I was when I was freshly created. Notes ran smoothly and came out less stressfully. Very difficult musical pieces were played on me just like that, like a soft breeze.

          I was unexpectedly revived by God. It was then that I decided, I will let Him play my keys as He wills. Only to Him would I make myself wholly available. 'Cause I really felt that it is He who knows me best.

          It was a phenomenal episode. In music, an episode is a passage between statements of a main subject or theme, as in a rondo or fugue. It was a transition I was very glad I went through. My joy didn't run out the more I knew about Him, opened my Bible, and be in the Truth. It was that one decision that made me jubilant not for two days, three months nor five years, but for ever.

          The more I let Him maneuver, the more I realized that it absolutely wasn't about the piano. It was about the Amazing Hands that plays its keys. A piano would be nothing without a pianist. And so am I. I would be nothing without Jesus.

          I may not excel if you look through other people's eyes, but through God's, I am the best of all His Creation. He even called me His masterpiece!

          Putting Him in charge of me ensures the outcome of a wonderful melody. I may not know exactly the next note He is about to hit, but I know for certain that altogether, He would be producing music that would best define me.

          I wouldn't be unappreciated nor dull again. 'Cause my Creator colored me with melody whose beauty no one, even I myself, can ever fathom!
That's me playing at an event in our school in 2011.
Schertzino - Augusto Espino
Norwegian Cradle Song - Gabriel Morel

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