Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Unmindful? Me, yes. God? NO! :)

Have you ever been unmindful of a certain gesture when suddenly God rebukes you that it's wrong?
Haha I experienced that earlier.. I was in LRT 1. As usual, the train was full-packed. Some compares it to a can of sardines, but I disagree. It's worse than that! Because it's a moving can. Riding the train for years now, I mastered the art of balancing.

So there I was, standing still (because I cannot move in any way, hahaha), oblivious of what's happening around me. The woman behind, all sweaty and sticky, almost hugged me as she tries to stand still by putting almost all her weight on my shoulder. In my mind, I was complaining.. "Ate, ang init na po, ang lapit po nung hawakan sa inyo, pwedeng dun na lang po kayo humawak.." "Ate, ang lagkit at ang bigat niyo po.. Ako din nagbabalance."

Amazingly, the irritation got away quickly when God reminded me of my prayer before I got out of bed.
"God, please make me a blessing to everyone I would meet today."
Boom! Hahaha. Tamang tama.
If I become rude for that harmless thing she did, what will I get? It will only add up to the heat!
And besides, who says simply helping someone balance isn't blessing others? A little good deed works wonders!

I looked her in the eye and smile afterwards ☺

Thank You Lord for enabling me to do these things and experience the joy of helping others in any way I can. I obviously cannot do it without You!

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