Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Freedom Gives our Lives Color!

Some might say that my modesty challenge makes me limited.
Modesty makes me select which to wear and which I shouldn't wear.
I might not be able to sport some fashion trends because they may defy the principles I stand on.

But am I really that limited?

After months of soaking myself in the idea of modesty, I realized that the vast world of fashion would cater even my modest inclinations today.
Fashion offers so much that it caters any style that fit any personality.

And I proclaim to the world the core of my fashion style.
The highlight of my fashion style is its purpose - to glorify God!
I don't feel limited at all. In fact, I feel freedom.

Ladies, I want you all to feel what I am feeling. :)
I don't feel scared of what others will think of my dress.
As long as I have the assurance that God is pleased with what my outfit, I am freed from all insecurities!
I also have the freedom to express my happiness with different pieces that could be edgy or toned down with comfort and contentment while wearing them. While wearing them, no catcalls or stares, or even discomfort sitting (because undies might show if short/skirt is too short & loose), would chain me and keep me from doing things I should do.
I am not the slave of what I wear - I beat my clothes and make them my slave! Haha!

This freedom is really something, don't you think?
But I tell ya, without what Jesus did that cleansed us from sin, I would not be able to have this kind of freedom! No fashion style would free me from all the insecurities. No statement pieces would prevent me from sinning or provoking others to sin..
Jesus's love and humility manifested in the life He lived here warrants us this freedom!
And that's what we celebrate this Christmas :)
Don't underestimate this freedom, 'cause it touches every aspect in your life! Yes, even fashion ;)

Watch: Skechers | Blue Bracelets w/ Gold Chains: Gift | Black Shirt: f&h | Skirt: Thrifted ;)
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
- John 8:36 (ESV)

I wore this on Christmas Eve. At TFCN's Candlelit service, the Worship Team had to wear clothes in  Christmas colors.. I can't think of one color so I wore them all! :P Maxi skirts are so comfortable! Plus, it is a statement piece that would surely make any outfit unboring.

So here's a creepy picture of my foot.. =))
Gifts from Ate Shallie & Ate Grace. :)
I bought my blue bracelet with Ate Kamyl, during our first Christmas date last year.. She's my brother's girlfriend now. Yey! :>
She brought me blueberry graham balls :D Look at the plating.. And appreciate it! Hehe
Garlic Pasta from Ate Kamyl :) Yummy!

Ate Ann's gift :D
Christmas is the remembrance of the grandest gesture of love! How are you enjoying the freedom to love with the people around you? :)

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