Thursday, December 27, 2012

Underwear worn as Outerwear

Photo grabbed here.
Underwear worn as outer wear.
That's a trend eating up women today. Corsets, bandeau and other underwear are now worn as tops! Isn't it exciting, not just for the fashion forward, but also for the perverts?

Read from an article that underwear as outer wear is a manifestation that there's no such things anymore as fashion dos and don'ts. Women do patronize this trend, I see it everywhere, worn on the streets, in the malls, in events, in the television. everywhere!

Wearing these makes a fashionista think of her freedom to express herself. Freedom from rules of fashion, freedom to express personal aesthetic taste, freedom to do anything she wants. But when you go out of your house, you're not the only one with freedom, you also give the world freedom to lust at you.

This trend is technically wearing lingerie with more casual patterns for casual wear.
Do not underestimate the imagination of some men! Haha! Some may be the kindest person you've ever met, but it does not exempt him from having struggles with lust. Wearing lingerie is something married women do when they're in bed with their husband. Wearing lingerie-like clothing out in the world may easily provoke men to think of how you would look in bed. :(

Moreover, these items should be seen only by your labandera or your future husband. Exposing these to the world will lose its worth and might actually affect your intimacy with your husband. Isn't it special when your future husband knows that your body wearing undies is an exclusive view for him? ;)

Maybe you've seen fashionistas sport looks with underwear as outer wear. You could have seen this everywhere, even on yourself.
Corset as a top matched with fabulous pants, a bandeau as top with the high waist maxi skirt, wearing bra alone underneath  your see-through blouse or even that cute bustier dress with great print.
These do not make a difference. These looks are so suggestive, especially that not all men will admire how fashionable you are. Most do not appreciate the pattern of your pants or the bright color of your corset. Most would only drool at you.. which may disrespect your boyfriend (or future boyfriend), or your husband (or future husband), or even your dad - the men of your life!

Let me share an actual event. I take LRT2 everyday going to school.
One morning, I saw a girl wearing only a bra underneath a sleeveless chiffon top and denim shorts. The chiffon blouse was beige and underneath was a bright yellow bra. It was bright yellow, mind you. She was little chubby but was very pretty, with fair skin that was attractive enough.
The girl seems to be a student in a prestigious school, but the people around her did not mind.
What did I feel seeing her? My heart ached so much. :( If I had a cardigan with me, I was very willing to give it to her. :( Her body screamed at everyone, her belly-button, her chest, her legs, everything. :( I wanted to cover it so badly :( It really pained me whenever I see her even at my peripheral view. :(( I did not know what to do!! 'Cause I thought that if I talked to her, I could offend her.. I don't know how to handle such situations yet, admittedly :( I looked around the train and guess what I saw, men of all ages, students, adults, professionals, even a couple of men who were with their families, takes a glimpse of her every now and then! I had a desperate feeling to protect her from those stares.. But I did not know how. :(( I almost cried :(
When many people got off at Legarda station, this girl sat beside me. I was surprised to see her at a different and closer angle, I literally see too much :( And it really saddened me and made me hate this trend so much!

Some say that women should not be chained by men's struggle with lust. Some say that women should still be able to do whatever they want without considering men. But what should we do? In our world blinded by wickedness, it is inevitable to meet men who struggles with lust. Letting everyone see you in underwear makes you an object of their lust. :( Ouch!

These are cute but .. no way! They're uncomfy! Haha!
Don't be like superman who wears underwear as an outer wear.
It does not make you a superhero.

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