Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All-Night Worship

Last night, we had an all-night worship at Gencon! :)
(To know more about Gencon, check out its Multiply here, before Multiply closes down!)

It was great! The songs that were our prayer to God were: Sing My LovePromisesDesert SongHolding Nothing BackRise and SingGoLike a FireFire BurnsReflectorReign in UsHeal our Land (by Planetshakers), You'll Come and Jesus be the Center (by Israel Houghton). 
You can click the titles to watch their respective music videos on youtube :)

Being my birthday Sunday, and being so inspired by God, I wanted to take the opportunity to have a picture with my churchmates closest to my heart :)

 With Ina & Claudine, two of my small group members. :) Do you see Jopel and his small group photo-bombing? Hahaha
 With Mara & Ate Rhea :)
 With Schae! We're both New Year babies! Hehehe.
 My small group leader, Ate Jeng :">
 With my small group leader's small group leader, Ate Faith :)
 Our small group! :D
 Having fun! :)
 Lovely girls :)
 The girls with one of Ate Faith's twin, Caleb. Isn't he adorable? Hehe!
Jopel and I, with our favorite and closest couple :)

With whom did you spend the last days of 2012? :)

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