Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013! Welcome 19-year-old Faye! :)

It's a unique feeling for new year babies like me! :) Have you ever wondered how new year babies celebrate their birthday?
Here are some stuff about how I celebrate mine :)
1. I'm not used to having guests during my birthday.
    I always wanted to celebrate my birthday with friends since elementary. But Filipinos consider New Year's Day and Christmas Day as family days! My 17th birthday is the first birthday I actually celebrated with my tropa!
2.  I don't have to worry about preparing food for guests.  
    Filipinos instinctively prepare food for New Year's Eve. Besides surely having something on the table, I know that guests are already busog because they too have food in their houses. What I want to give my guests are dishes that are not common in festivities (they got too much of that already during the Christmas break). I want serving them stuff like Sinigang instead! HAHA!
3. I know that it's already my birthday when the sound of firecrackers is the loudest!
    It's an exciting yet dangerous tradition of Filipinos for welcoming the new year - firecrackers. When our neighbors light their sinturon ni Hudassawafountain, etc (they save the best firecrackers for the first minute of the new year!), I know that it's already my birthday! :)
4. Even without any prepared birthday celebration, I still feel that it's my birthday.
    I hear other people's sentiments about not feeling their birthday. They say that it's because nothing special happens on their birthday. For New Year Babies like me, who lives in the PI, that's never gonna happen. Until there's left a Filipino neighbor who buys firecrackers, until a kid blows the torotot to participate in the tradition of noise-making, until there's a car owner who horns and has fun with all the noise, until there are steel palanggana, I will know and feel that it is my birthday on when the clock strikes 12!
5. The people I love have no classes or no work during my birthday. (well, there are seldom calls of duty for some)
    Yehey! :D
6. People always talk about the hope for change on my birthday!
    This indeed is a unique one. During my birthday, every church sermon, inspiring articles, people on TV, friends, FB status updates, talk about starting afresh! Every time I have my birthday, I feel renewed! My birthday is a day where many people assess the year that passed, their failures that they would not want to commit again in the new year, and the blessings that they received from God. It's all about having a deep breath, and taking on life with a fresh hope! :)
I celebrated the gift of a New Year with my family! This made me a looot moooore happy that night :)

I'm one blessed birthday girl! I praise God for this genuine joy! :)
The neighbor's fireworks and my brother's photography skills. Hahaha!
Look at what firecrackers do to birds :( Found him dead :(

 My brother was hyped to take pictures that night! Hehe

 Of course we would not forget my Daddy Pogi on days like this! Thanks to technology, we got to talk to dad and we got to have a lot of kulitan! :)
 I don't know what it is but my mom and I always end up wearing clothes of the same color. We looked like puto bumbong on New Year's Eve. Haha!
 Craziest guy I know - my very own Kuya Paolo. :)
 We thought we would be welcoming New Year with an empty house.

We were about to sleep and grieve at how we always have New Year's Eve with just the three of us until my other brothers came.. :)

Yehey! I know that it was God who brought us together that night! I thank Him always when our whole family gets to bond like this! Just laughing and celebrating God's blessings to our family.

This year, I pray for our family to grow closer.
I pray that we would bond not only through celebrations like this, soon we would bond as we serve God together and bless others as a family. Lord, I know you're listening! And I'm sure that you'll move in my family powerfully! :)

What did you do to welcome the new year? What's your prayer for your family this year?
(You can mail this to me and I can pray for you too :D)

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