Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fellow Pledgers!

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of the 2013..
I was so ecstatic to see my fellow Modesty Pledgers really committed into modesty. :">
It's my first time taking pictures with other women who are brave enough to take this radical challenge! :P

Here's Ate Grace, a singer of our Church's Worship Team :)
With Ate Joyce :) It was indeed a pleasant morning! Look at happy Mr. Sun! :P
Here's Ate Faith, Pastor Sam Tamayo's wife. :)
Looks like floral maxi skirts would be a favorite of modesty pledgers! :)
 We should not only shine our lights outside the church.. We could also be salty inside our church.
Sometimes, to learn new things from us.
And sometimes, just to be encouraged by seeing from us, their churchmates, how God is working in the whole church! :)

Of course, we should not act inside our church like we are already perfect.
It's the church who should always love you beyond your imperfections, so you shouldn't really fake perfection..
To be a salt and light in our church, we should just let them see what God has transformed in us, which weaknesses He turned into strength, and what new lessons He personally taught us.

That's why, if you are a Modesty Pledger, you should share the blessings of pursuing modesty to other men and women of your church! :)

How did you spend your first Sunday of 2013 with the Lord? :)

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