Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seek God First

Seek God first. (Matthew 6:33)
You think this line goes only when you are anticipating food and clothing provision?
Nah, I think this one's true in every aspect of our lives.

Even in modesty.
Your covered body is not as righteous as you think if it isn't done with the right heart.
Did you know that being strict on the way you carry your modesty, also has the biggest temptation to be self-righteous? That's why, being modesty pledgers, we have to check ourselves regularly.
Just let God transform your heart as He transforms your wardrobe! :)

How do you know that your modesty is rooted on self-centeredness?
1. You think so highly of yourself because you're the most modest person you know.
2. Others, especially Christian women, are constant objects of your judgmental eyes.
3. It's hard for you to change ways when God rebukes you.
4. You find yourself always justifying your attire before stopping to think and really evaluate it with God's eyes.
5. You long for others to notice and give you complements for being modest!
Modesty could be a front of attention-seekers. However, it is also possible that you unconsciously do it for yourself and not for God. That's why we always need to have our motives checked by the One who really knows what's going on ;)

True modesty is not the drawing of attention to yourself. No matter how you cute you think your skirt is, or your necklace, know that modesty is not all about fishing for complements! Don't expect everyone to greet you with a.. "Oh, you're so modest."  'Cause you might just get discouraged and stop trying hard to be modest just because you think no one notices..
What I realize is, your journey towards modesty is something intimately between you and God. :)

And once you recognize that only His grace enables us to be modest, you'd learn true modesty. Modesty that aims only to give glory to the King, whose hands created everything beautiful! :)

Here are characteristics of the kind of modesty God approves of:
1. It's main and only purpose is to give God the glory!
2. It is practiced without anticipation of praises of men.
3. It is done to promote purity, above all else.
4. It makes one humble enough to accept rebukes and corrections.
5. It teaches one to consider others above herself. :) (immodest clothing can be a stumbling block not only to men struggling with lust, but also to women who look up to you)
 Indeed, modesty is a matter of the heart. It is not a list of dos and donts (although, you can make a list for yourself, like what I did, according to your convictions). Rather, modesty is the shifting others' attention from yourself to your God!

True modesty is driven by the desire that people would see Jesus in you and not yourself, your beauty, your fashion style or whatever. :) Seek God first, and more modest fashion choices and a God-centered heart will follow.
After all, God's looks at your heart.

Your beauty should be of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.
1 Peter 3:3-4 

Sorry for the wrong focus.. Mehehe. 

I liked the collared shirt I wore inside because it covered what I wanted to be covered. :P
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It was a Sunday full of girl-lovin'! :)

Our CG had lots of fun talking about how God gives New Beginnings ;)

I thought we were going to be complete that night because I wanted to celebrate my birthday with them :(
Had lotsa girl talk with Kir and Nica at Mcdonalds' Parola :)

Have you checked your heart lately? For whom is it beating for?
Let everything you do be centered on God! :D

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