Friday, January 11, 2013

Fertile Ground to Learn to Love

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Have you ever felt like you are the lead actress of your very own teleserye?

You are sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, your face covered with tears. Tears fall uncontrollably as you remember the hurts and pains. "Why should life choose me as its own punching bag?" You ask yourself, staring blankly at the silent surrounding that seems to understand exactly how you feel but does not know what it can do about it..

In the kind of world we live in, it would not be surprising to me if one of you tell me your personal story and  make it seem like I am watching Maalaala Mo Kaya. Everyone has a share of brokenness. We all know how it feels to be broken, we just encounter it in different ways..

It could be your boyfriend you trusted with everything you have but still chose to leave you for another.
It could be your health deteriorating that makes you unrelentingly ask, "Lord, why me?"
It could be your endless financial problems that always see to it that money puts your family's bond on the line..
We all know what it feels broken.

When we experience brokenness, our tendency is to raise our guard even higher, all out of fear.
We fear thinking of the reality we're in, horrified that hope for change could be mere foolishness.
We fear to enter new relationships with other people, terrified that abandonment could happen again.
We become a little too careful about everything we do - from mere walking on the sidewalk to beginning new friendships with people. Remember Kelly Clarkson's song, Because of You?
After being broken, we are filled with fear. We all do not want more heartaches! We think that we already had enough..

Do you think that's the response that our King Jesus teaches us?

Nah.. I don't think so.

No one can ever say to Jesus that He never suffered. He did! In fact, He suffered worst than any of us. Jesus experienced not just physical pain from the cross, He also experienced emotional, mental and other kinds of pain people experience.

But in His last hours of suffering, He uttered the most unexpected thing:
"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
(Luke 23:34)

In the midst of shame and suffering, Jesus loved.

Here's something we all have to realize about brokenness.
Pain and suffering make us understand more how our brothers and sisters also suffer. When we are hurt, we realize something that all the people in this fallen world share. We all share brokenness.
Amidst all your suffering, you realize how much a broken heart yearns for a hand to hold!
Your brokenness makes you relate to others in a more personal way. The excruciating hurt pushes you to make stronger connections with others.. Kapit-bisig, like how Maya would call it. (Be Careful with My Heart, hahaha)
In the middle of all the things you are going through, you learn how to love like how Jesus loves.

As you experience a deeper brokenness with a heart listening to what God to say, and with hands ready to do anything the King commands, you would learn that..
"Personal pain is fertile ground to learn to love."
- Pastor Rudy Rasmus

Someone who grew up in a broken family would know the needs of a friend whose parents just got divorced.
A girl who experienced being left by her boyfriend would know how to be a friend to girls who experienced what she did..
A rape survivor would know how to comfort a rape victim.
A broken person would know how to love another broken person.
As you hold hands to face the bitter realities of this fallen world, you would see God's healing coming through the love you share! :')

How does this apply to you? How did your own brokenness teach you to love specific people around you?


Anonymous said...

God bless!

Faye Medina said...

Whoever you are, God bless you too! :)