Friday, January 4, 2013

I dare you to be a MODESTY PLEDGER. :)

So today, I created a group in Facebook for women who want to have a Modesty Pledge.
This is great for the time of the year to create something like this - people are addicted to making New Year Resolutions!

And this pledge is not just a simple new year resolution - it is a commitment you make before God.

What I am trying to do is involve others in my Modesty Challenge I started last July 2012! It would sure be great to have a community of godly ladies who pursue modesty. :) Read about my thoughts on community modesty in the article Modesty with a Helping Hand.

Jopel encouraged me to think of the group's objectives, mission and vision.
Personally, I think it helped because I got a grip of my unorganized ideas about the group and it made me actually dream big for this! Just like what I said in this post. ;)

Group Name:
Modesty Pledgers

1. To create a community for women who want to take modesty seriously for the glory of God.
2. To have a loving group that encourages one another, and the people around them to pursue Modesty. To have a group that discourages condemnation.
3. To make more women realize the role of Modesty in promoting Purity!
4. To instill in every Christian woman a deeper appreciation of womanhood! :)

To spread the significance and the beauty of the kind of modesty God approves and to encourage Christian women to sincerely commit to modesty.

To have godly advocates of modesty in every corner of the world! :)

If you want to pay the site a visit, or if you want to join and be a Modesty Pledger, here's the link:

Can you pray with me for this group? I know that God urged me to create this group because He has great things in store!  :D

What are you pledging to do this year? What do you think about this group? How do you think could this be used by God? :D

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