Friday, January 4, 2013

Overwhelming Number!! T_T

In one month, this blog had 1,153 views! I'm overwhelmed! I did not even expect to have more than 10 readers!
I don't know how it reached this number, I really don't! T_T I don't even know who you are who read this blog!! Thank you very much! You're an encouragement, an assurance that the purpose of this blog is fulfilled!
This is absolutely God's doing! Because I cannot do anything that could make this blog reach this number! T_T

To everyone who actually takes time to read the posts and to visit this blog, I thank you.
This blog has surely given me a boost. Every number added on the Page Stats reminds me of why I am even doing this blog.. :) I'm not a blogger by blood (meaning, it's not easy for me to blog..) but I do it anyway because I want to shout to the world how God moves in my life! And I want others to experience it too!

Let's have more fun and God-lovin' this January ^_^

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