Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Killing did stop at Kaytikling! :)

This incident happened exactly one year ago.
It was a mourning day for everyone in Taytay.
I remember it very clearly. I was at home when this happened.. Our house is just a few hundred meters away from Tikling. We were all shocked when we heard a "Boom!" somewhere. Although, most of us ignored it.. My uncle saw people walking to Tikling to see what really happened, as news flew fast.

There they saw the chaos. Tikling was literally filled with people.
Reporters, townspeople, those who were just about to pass by Tikling but were supposed to go to Antipolo/Angono/Cainta.
It happened at around 11:30am.
It was heart-breaking to know that the truck crushed a little kid's and his parents' dreams. He was an elementary student :( It also killed someone innocently walking on the sidewalk. He wasn't even jaywalking or whatever! It also killed a guy riding his motorcycle. And of course, it killed the people in the truck. 
The truck was filled with soil. It was very heavy, that's why it ran at that rate, even going through the concrete barriers.
I went there myself and saw this..
Photo grabbed here. (Go to site at your own risk. x( But please don't.. )
Okay, I saw only the crushed truck without all the water and people. I went there at night.

It was really heart-breaking. Nobody wanted that to happen. But sadly, it wasn't the first time! :(
People even call it the "Killer Junction".
It was very prone to accident.

Just a few months ago, a truck from Antipolo lost its brakes. Another from Cabrera Road rushed as it also had mechanical problems. Although, these two happened at midnight where there were less people hurt. Even before these two happened, many other accidents killed or hurt vehicle drivers. :( Accidents in this junction threatened people's lives for years!

That's why, exactly a week after this accident, our youth pastors spear-headed a Prayer Rally for this junction. Tikling is very near to our church, most of our members pass by it in most days of their lives. This is one way to show the town that God can give our townspeople protection, if the government or truck owners wouldn't.
Along with other adults, we went to Tikling at 11:30am, the same time it happened. We stood there silently praying for the killer junction, praying to Stop the Killing in Kaytikling.

TV5 was there to document our prayer rally. They interviewed our youth pastors. Unfortunately, their news report did not present what we did showing the real motives of our prayer rally. :( Haha. They presented it as if it was a political move.

Photos of prayer rally grabbed from
Some people joined us in praying for Kaytikling.
I talked to the mango vendor who I thought had the grimmest view of what happened with the truck incident. She talked to me. She was really sad of what happened - the kid killed by the truck was her son's classmate. She said that the boy was very masipag. In the morning, he would sell rags so that he would have baon for the rest of the day..

While some show their disapproval on what we did. I remember silently standing, praying for this junction. When a man driving a rather expensive van, rolled down his windows and talked to me..
"What are you doing?"
"We are praying for this junction, sir."
"Praying? Is this a rally of some sort? Are you blaming the government or whatsoever?"
"No, sir. We're just praying to God that nobody gets hurt again in this junction."
"Praying?! Don't you think talking to the company of the truck owners, or the government, more effective in solving this problem in Tikling?"
I didn't answer back, 'cause I know what he's trying to do.. I tried to tap the older Christians beside me.. But yea, their silence reminded me. Hey, we're here to pray, not to debate or whatever. Just pray with us, sir? Hehe.

Look at the one year that passed.
No accidents :)
The rotonda and the overpass promised by DPWH and the jailing of jaywalkers we don't see today.
(you can hear about this in the video I posted above)
But God's hands? It's so tangible in Tikling Junction.
Indeed, only God can stop the killing at Kaytikling.

Praise God for His faithfulness! :)

"For greater things have yet to come 
And greater things are still to be done in this City"

What are you doing to show your town how God loves?

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