Monday, January 21, 2013

Modesty Servant

I particularly like this shirt (although the print is already giving up) because it has a very special verse in it.

"If your gift is to serve, serve them well."
- Romans 12:7

I bought this shirt for a reason. It was sold last year to raise funds for Ate Janary Suyat, one of our youth pastors, to be used for her mission trip to Meso-America. She was chosen to be one of the 12 young people, among many other applicants around the globe, to be sent to Meso-America and serve 7 places there. Read more of the awesome work of God in 12:7 Serve at their Facebook page. You could also visit Ate Janary's blog and find really good reads! :)

The 12:7 Serve mission trip was last year. But, buying this shirt, I am constantly reminded of the meaning of the mission trip's theme verse. "If your gift is to serve, serve them well."
This shirt is my favorite shirt when there are outreach programs and stuff. Because this shirt constantly reminds me of a very important concept.
This word can never be understood by people who were blinded by darkness. The Enemy always wants us to learn how to satisfy ourselves, and be an oblivious slave of his dark ways. But because Jesus Christ chose the Cross to shed light to us who were once doomed to die, we are given an opportunity to grasp the meaning of servanthood. More than that, His grace also warrants us the riches we enjoy when we learn Christ-like servanthood.

What does it mean to be a Christ-like servant?
1. Being humble in recognition of the sovereignty of his Master.
2. Dying to self. A servant allows the desire to serve his master to overpower all the selfish desires in his heart.
3. Christ-centered servanthood. This kind of servanthood does not come from our personal strengths. This kind of servanthood is the overflow of Christ's transforming power in us.
 If you look at it closely, modesty is also a way we serve God, our brothers, and even our sisters. These three things that makes one a Christ-like servant are very important in pursuing modesty.

1. Humility. I read how a person allows change in her life. After gathering information about the things that she should practice, there would be disturbance. The organized principles you are currently standing on would be greatly disturbed. Before, you were confident about what you wear, until God told you a fresh idea called modesty. You have your usual practices disturbed as they are re-evaluated by this new idea. It takes so much humility to continuously allow God to transform every flawed perspective and let Him transform our hearts
2. Self-denial. If you pursue modesty and realize its beauty, you would be willing to deny yourself. All the selfish desires you have, would be willingly put aside (but that doesn't mean it would be easy. but you will be willing to do so, nonetheless). We women have different reasons why we were immodest pieces. However, if we decide to look at modesty as a way to serve God and people, we should stop following what we want, and start following what God wants! Before deciding whether certain pieces are modest, make sure that you first put aside your own bias, and assess it according to God's standards! 
3. Christ-centered. Nothing can ever inspire a person to pursue the kind of modesty that transforms lives, besides Jesus Christ. No one can ever learn to use modesty to serve God, if God is not the center of her modesty. Long skirts, long sleeves, and everything else that covers the physical are not as powerful as when a person is enveloped by the majesty of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, no one can serve people consistently and mightily, if he does not get his resources from Jesus. :)

 I like wearing statement shirts like this because it tells everyone that Jesus lives and His Word is alive and kicking in our world today!
I think that statement shirts are best worn in a modest way. I remember seeing a guy wearing a Christian statement shirt while smoking and saying all the bad words available in the world. It's similar to when we wear statement shirts with shorts/mini skirts. It defeats the purpose of sharing God to people through the what we wear, right? :)
Shirt: City on a Hill Creatives || Skirt: Forever21
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How does modesty become a service to men and women? What are your opinions? :)

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