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What's the most versatile piece for any kind of woman?
What's that piece of clothing that you can find in every Filipina's closet? :)
It's our denim shorts, ladies! Haha!
That's what I want to talk about in this post.

I think every Filipina owns a decent pair of shorts. Young or old, the rich kid or the not-so-rich-kid, fashionista or simply-me chicks. We all have this in our closet.
Or am I only assuming?
Nah, I think I saw every girl I know wear one. (at least the girls I know hehe)
If you're a Filipina living in the Philippines and you never owned a denim short, please leave a comment below and prove me wrong!

Haha, enough of that.
You know what I think? I think that denim short is like a wardrobe staple for us Filipinas. Our climate could be the number one motivating force when we buy shorts. It's like rice in the Filipina's closet. Like the different ways rice is prepared, e.g. fried rice, java rice or rice-all-you-can, shorts come in different styles, patterns and sizes. But it's still the same pair of shorts we all keep in our closet!

Now why are shorts adored by women?
1. They're refreshing.
       They give our legs rest from irritants. Our legs perspire and feels the Philippine heat too. When we wear shorts, we are somehow relieved from the scorching heat torture, even a little.  
2. They're good for girls with sensitive skin.
       I have mildly sensitive skin. Whenever I wear pants or leggings, my legs itch! A doctor said that when the skin comes contact with fabric, it could get irritated. Shorts give my legs a relaxing breath from strangling pants/leggings fabric. 
3. They're versatile.
       They can be worn with anything. By that, I meant literally anything. From plain shirts to dressy tops, polos, polo shirts, your statement shirts......... The list is endless! ANY TOP ON EARTH CAN BE WORN WITH SHORTS! Hahahaha! 
4. They make you look effortlessly fashionable.
       Shorts do not make you look too dressy. In fact, they make you look effortlessly beautiful. They make you look like you just got out of your house and tadah! You're beautiful! When you go somewhere with shorts, you would not worry about people saying, "Ano ba yan, dito lang naman pupunta, kung makaporma!" And you could expect remarks like "Ay ang ganda naman niya, ang simple lang oh, shorts. Pero sobrang fashion forward. Loveleeehhh!"
5. They showcase to the world your assets while they're at their best - your legs.       They are not firm and smooth all the days of your life. Most people say, e.g. Kris Aquino, "When you got it, flaunt it!"
Why do men adore shorts on women?
(okay, some men - other men hate shorts because they pursue purity!)
1. Legs' shape. Duuuude! Sexy! 
2. Legs' texture. They look so smooth bro! It makes me want to touch it. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.. Okay, in my dreams, I will. 
3. Legs' skin color."Legs legs legs mo ay nakakasilaw!"
4. Legs! They're legs, man! Who can say no to that?! 
5. It's cut near your behind. Oh my, her back side is so firm. 

I was a shorts-adorer! I got pairs in my closet, and some were even gifts from my dad. He knows how much comfortable shorts are for me so he himself hand-picked fashionable shorts for me! (My dad is a fashionista, by the way hahaha) I even used to wear shorts going to school! Especially during my first two year in college. I was staying at a dorm just a few meters away from my school. That's why I thought that walking for only a few meters in shorts would not hurt! And besides, in my school, it's quite typical. Wearing shorts is like being just a wave in a sea of girls in shorts! Haha!

I know that if we talk about wearing shorts, we would have different opinions.
"I think it's okay to wear shorts in the beach."
"When you play sports, of course shorts are normal."
"Shorts are not immodest. Everyone wears that. It's perfectly normal, so the perverts would just ignore your legs."
This could even be technical, talking about the length of the shorts.
Is it okay to wear shorts longer than mid-thigh? Is it okay to wear shorts that aren't so fitted?

Here are some responses by real guys:
These are modesty survey results from The Rebelution.

And the debate won't end that easily! Haha. But as for me, I want to avoid shorts.
Why? Because I think it's unnecessary.
I don't really need to wear shorts.
I only wanted to wear shorts.
Need ≠ Want
I would not die of heat! I would not die of itch from pants and leggings! And avoiding shorts is putting aside what I think is comfortable. You know what they say, to serve God with all you have, go out of your comfort zone! :))
I also do not want to risk anything.

Now that I've been shorts-free for months now, I want to share to you
the good stuff about avoiding shorts :)

1. You're always event-ready.       When you suddenly need to go some place where you need to at least look decent, you won't have a problem when your legs are covered. When you surprisingly meet someone of importance, like the President of the Philippines, your Youth Pastor, or just the conservative parents of your friends, you'll gain confidence that a pair of shorts wouldn't normally give you. 
2. It's comfortable.       You do not have to worry about the length of your shorts. You can do anything from sitting, standing, to wall climbing without worrying that some pervert could be staring at your legs. 
3. Your legs wouldn't have discoloration.       No awkward-looking tan lines for your legs! Yey! Happy leg skin for ya!
4. It sets you apart like how Jesus-followers should be set apart.       Go back to the sea of girls in shorts and people shall identify you as a woman set apart for God! Don't be surprised when someone asks you why you don't show your legs. And tadah! A great opportunity to share Jesus. :)
5. It promotes purity.       Sorry perverts, one down! The pairs of legs you're free to look at are decreased by two. Another woman chose to hide their castle from you! Behlat! :)
       More than that, you avoid direct skin contact between your legs and other people's skin. How awkward it is when the lady beside you at the jeep accidentally but inevitably touches your thigh. How ugly it would be if that happened to a guy!! This could ignite unwanted thoughts in men, so be careful!

When guys see how you dress, they should pray to thank God for one less temptation, and not to ask God to help them with the temptation your outfit gives them! 

Girls, let's wave goodbye to shorts-all-you-can
and say hello to worship-God-all-you-can!
Praise God in everything you do - even by simply avoiding shorts! :)
(should i cross out "simply"? 'cause it's not too simple.. but with God's strength, we can!)

What are your thoughts about shorts? :) If you're a guy, how is it helping you or does it give you a hard time?  An opinion would be of great help for us girls! ;)

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