Monday, February 25, 2013

How's your weekend? :)

Nothing beats a weekend spent for God :)
You might think that it is boring.. Well, it's the farthest from boredom! :)

Praise God It's Love with Special Guest Acel van Ommen
It was rainning hard, yet it was a really great time where I had a little bonding time with my CG. :)
My hair was curly here. But notice in the next pics, it's straight like nothing happened. See how my hair hates curls, no matter how much I like it curled? Hahaha
I've known her for almost two years now. And I am extremely blessed as I witness how God powerfully moves in her life. :)

I loooove these two :) I am blessed by their sincere desire to grow deeper in God and grow deeper in love!

The four of us in one great (and happy) shot! :) Thanks to our youth pastor himself who offered to take this  pic :P

I really wanted to share with you guys the amazing moment we had with Acel van Ommen.. My camera died too early though. So sorry, no videos. (For your info, she was the one behind your fave karaoke song, "Torete")
Acel shared what it really meant for her to wait for True Love.
She then shared her powerful testimony on how she fell into sinning with her past self-centered relationships. She shared with nicely chosen words, how God came to her rescue and made her love life beautiful!
She is now enjoying a God-centered relationship with her husband. They have two adooorable children who were with us :)

So it's the day when the house gets cleaned up, and our hands get dirty from household chores.
Okay, for some, Saturdays mean getting only the tip of their fingers dirty. (Computer generation!)
After doing everything I had to, I went straight to Full Charge, our youth service for college students.

Kuya Herbie preached to these college students.
After the sermon, we fullchargers group ourselves for a meaningful sharing time.
It was a great afternoon for the ladies, we had the most personal and the sincerest sharing time yet..
The hearts of the people I meet in Full Charge are really encouraging. They are the kind of people who really knows what "commitment" is.

Afterwards, I had a fun yet meaningful dinner with the tropa.
Okay, well, we played 94 Seconds in the greater part of the hour. Hahaha!
I love these crazy people.. :P

I had a short but sweet bonding time with my small group leader, when we prepared a special number for the Tagalog service. Sadly, I did not manage to get someone to record it. :( I like documenting stuff because I'm so forgetful, so it could have been very nice if we had a video. :(

Good news, I was able to record the other special number in the Tagalog service! :)
Nang Dahil Kay Hesus was played wonderfully by Bamboo and Rod
Was deeply touched by the song :')

Pastor Jordan preached in the Tagalog Service. I appreciate how he really tried to speak 100% Tagalog!
However, it was evident that he was pretty challenged. :P But yeah, the message of the Lord touched hearts! When God speaks to your heart, you'll realize that language is not the issue. ;)

Some fresh meat shared her talent in the English Service. She sang Kari Jobe's Steady My Heart.
The song is so passionate! Moreover, it connects with everyone. Everyone becomes rattled by changes all the time, and we do need God to steady our hearts. :)

Pastor Sam preached in the English service, sharing to everyone how God moved after the first leg of the 2013 Motocross Series MMF is organizing. :) (Read more of it here)
I cried literally in the whole sermon because I am amazed by how enormously God moves in a ministry!
That morning, I prayed hard that God would expand my ministry.
He says that He's preparing me now, so I'm pretty excited to give my all even in the little assignments He gives me now. :)

We had Gencon with an emphasis on Waiting.
God has spoke a lot to me about waiting on Him regarding to the ministry I am dreaming of :)

This is just a mere glimpse of what my weekend looks like. There's a lot more than what's written here.
But every little thing I did in this weekend, sure was a great encounter with my King.
From doing household chores to crying to God without reservations!
Now that's a weekend well spent. ;)

How do you spend your weekends? How do you want to make it not just fun but also meaningful

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