Thursday, February 21, 2013


Generation Congregation, our youth group, is out to make history.
Not to make a name for ourselves, but to make Jesus's name famous! :)

Christianity is perceived by many as boring. They put it in a box of traditional perspective and categorized it into never-to-talk about topics.

But God, the center of it all, seems to prove us all wrong.
He did not create adrenaline, excitements, and the element of surprise for nothing.
Here He is, actively demonstrating His power to us and to motocross enthusiasts.

Our youth pastor, Sam Tamayo, managing partner of Xtreme Adrenaline Sports Entertainment Co., with his siblings, used to ride and compete in several amateur categories under the most successful motocross team, the Shell-Yamaha Racing Team. After one of their races in 1999, they met an accident which cost the life of their father. They stopped racing and focused on their studies and family businesses.

When Pastor Sam went back to racing in 2002, he won three over-all championships out of the six championships their team won that year. In 2005, he was elevated to the Pro-category in the "Cebu Board walk National Motocross Series". However, circumstances in the sport grew more and more unfavorable.

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Now that he is an ordained pastor, God calls him back to the sport.
Not to make his own name famous, but to make his Lord's name known.
He has organized races since 2012, with a vision of seeing Filipino Youths, instead of channeling their quest for ultimate thrill from senseless activities, become world-class extreme sport athletes vying to bring honor and glory to both God and country.

Last Sunday, a successful first leg commenced. Before the races began, Pastor Sam shared his story, how God moved in his life. He shared God's Word. And just like that, things fell into place. God's hands so tangible in this ministry. Lives are being touched. More lives to be changed by our Lord.

This ministry is such a big inspiration for me.
I saw the giant gesture of God when a little heart chooses to be devoted to our big God.

How much do you want to serve God today? How much are you willing to offer God your heart and everything you have? :)

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