Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Still the Best Love Story

This shot was taken in November 2010. I was a baby Christian who was just getting a
hold of the idea of having a relationship with God. I was all giddy and amazed about
how it works. Storms passed by, relationships come and go, my love story with God
is still the best one I know! Nothing could compare to the love that He gives :)
Fresh like that :P

When my laptop's charger fell into a coma, my blogging was paralyzed in empathy.
For weeks, I was filled with thoughts vehemently constrained in my brain.
I looked for other ways to express myself. Besides my small group and my small group of friends, my thoughts had nowhere else to go.

So I prayed. I prayed hard. I know for sure that God understood how much I could not contain all these emotions I get from how He moves in my life every single day. So I asked Him, "Why should  even wait before writing these down?" And He only responded with, "Just wait, and you'll see."

When my laptop charger came back to life again, its user was the one who fell into a deep sleep.
Why did the desire to write die down? I asked God what I should wait for..
I even questioned the purpose of this blog, is it just an unhealthy splurge of emotion? But then, I realize the change it does to some readers, and the transformation it does to my heart. This blog's breathing for a purpose.

So I asked God further, "What are we waiting for? Go and breathe Your words into me and use my blog to make Your story known."

To my frustration, I did not have "inspiration" these past weeks to write.
Did God stop blessing and inspiring me? No.
He wanted me to realize a couple of things before writing again.

For these past weeks, my King was giving me a warm bath.
He cleansed my heart as I felt His desire to renew my relationship with Him everyday.
He dealt with the darkest parts of me and shed light to them. He revealed to me the sides of me that still needs His healing touch. He expressed His love in fresh ways. He embraced me even tighter with His faithfulness.

There was no special revival event, but He made sure that our love story will always be fresh and special. :)
I am writing about God's story which actually highlights
our amazing love story with Him.

What are the things around you that God use to refresh your love story with Him? :)

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