Sunday, April 21, 2013

So Much, I Can't Contain It

This is a guest post from one of my small group members, Hannah Valdeabella.
          Have you ever felt like having thoughts pop out into your mind and then have another completely different thought come one after another? That's what I have been experiencing ever since this week started! So much thoughts have filled my mind and they still keep coming in and to be honest I don't think I can handle anymore thoughts so I'm gonna pour some of them down here instead!
          It's really amazing how God reveals a lot of things to you. Each single day, God has been revealing a lot of things to me and I come to understand and learn a lot of things with each experience. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning to the moment I lay my head in bed at night, God continuously shows me many wonderful things about life. Each experiences then becomes an encounter with God and with each encounter with Him, I come to know about Him more and more. I find myself excited of what new things He'll show me and happy to know that He loves me more than I could.
          I remember when I was a child, I often hear the leaders in my church and even my parents say things like "I heard God told me..." or "God showed me..." and to be honest, I didn't understand them! I thought "How did they know that it was God?" and wondered how I wasn't able to hear God's voice. I thought they were weird since they kept saying things that seemed impossible. But now that I experienced it myself, I say that it wasn't at all impossible. All things becomes possible when it comes to God 
          So, how do you know God reveal things to you?First of all, we must be able to encounter God. He won't be able to reveal things to you until you get to know about Him! Like every stranger outside, you won't really pay much attention to what they do or what they say simply because you don't know them. But once you knew who they were, a simple gesture would make you notice them even at a distance. And even if you try to ignore them, you would still know that it was them.
          And by knowing God, you'll understand how He works in you. And believe me or not, God works in a very simple way actually. He doesn't order you around or control you. The choice is entirely up to you, if you're willing enough to be used by Him to do greater things! When God works in you: you'll be able to see things differently, you'll be able to do unimaginable things, and you'll be able to experience wonders and miracles. All it just takes is a lot of faith!
          But admit it, it's not that often we see what God wants us to see and do what He wants us to do. God isn't at fault. It's just human nature to complicate things to the point that we miss every chance to do so! We tend to look at figures and facts which gets in the way. For example, when you see a beggar at the streets, one could simply think "He's begging for money because he doesn't have any job to earn his own money.". While we cannot deny this fact, we also cannot ignore this! A person who lives close to God would think of the beggar as a recipient of God's love. He wouldn't just think, he'll also act to show him God's love!
          Because you love God, He'll let you see the beggar in a way which most people don't. And it's unusual for someone to spend time with a beggar you know! People may throw some glances at you, but that won't matter. What matters most is you do the will of God. And I believe, that's how God reveal things to you. It just comes naturally. All we need to do is just fix our eyes on Jesus, and you'll be able to see things which you haven't seen before. Isn't that exciting?          
That doesn't stop there. This week, I had a lot of encounters with God. And like I said, I've been overwhelmed! Each things that I learned with each encounters piled up, filling my mind with thoughts about different things. It's kind of hard to organize them all actually. My mind is now already full and new thoughts still keep coming in. I realized that if I keep them all to myself, the new things God reveals to me spills out and I miss the chance to experience them wholly! Like how a cup of tea would overflow if you keep pouring tea in it, the tea would be wasted. You need to empty your cup to receive. And that's why I decided to write them down here. It's so much, I can't contain them all and that's why I need to share them! I don't want to waste any encounters I had with God. I need to share them to empty my cup! And I hope by doing so, I help a lot of people become more closer to God. It may be selfish of me to say it like that, but I love God and that's why I do these things. 
I am so overwhelmed at what God is doing in her life. She was my first small group member! Haha. Yes, pioneer. And today, here she is, blooming, growing.. as she encounter God deeper and deeper every time.
I am so blessed to witness all that! 

Hannah made this! Check out some of her other works in DeviantART.

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