Monday, April 22, 2013

Even Trees Bear Fruit in Season

Three of my small group members just participated Gencounter last Saturday.
It is an activity in our Congregation that marks the beginning of the new chapter in the lives of believers of God who are ready to be used in ministries.
After years of learning about discipleship, I realize that we cannot force anyone to grow. All we could do is do our best in our little role in our disciple's growth. One's spiritual growth is not from her spiritual mentor. It's not even from herself. A person's growth ultimately comes from God.
And so it's something that would softly come in His time.
Even trees bear fruit in season!
With lots of prayers, Claudine, CL and Hannah participated that activity.

"A nice encounter with God :-)
I learned a lot :))
Lord thank you for your unfailing love you :D 
to your blood and flesh you shed in the CROSS
Everyday i thank you for your grace you given to us :D 
I surrender all my life :-)
Let your will be done :))

"I'm blessed to have encountered God today! But it's not the last time I'll be encountering him, it's just the start. I'm looking forward on encountering God each day of my life. So excited for what He has in store for me! Don't miss out on God's wonderful plan for your life :D
Live out your faith and SHARE it."


"Things happen for a reason whether it's good or not, my past experiences is really a nightmare, indeed! i thought it was the end, "giving up" to follow God is next to my mind, but know what? God is Good! cause He never stop loving me, He never stop calling me and He never give up on me. He is my healer. All the brokenness inside, all the wounds, he heals me. And today, i had a great ENCOUNTER with Him again. I'll praise God for giving me this opportunity. He brought me this far, and now, i want to follow God and brings all the glory and praises to Him. My Lord and Savior..He takes me out of the dark :)) ♥"

I do not see being these girls' spiritual momma as a strenuous duty.
It was a great privilege, an undeserved opportunity, a beautiful encounter with God.
There were times when I almost gave up as I saw how weak I was. It scared me. I was worried that my weaknesses would affect these girls negatively, and that my lapses would cause them to stumble. For almost 2 years and more, God taught me a lot of things in being a small group leader.
Being a small group leader is never about me!
It is ultimately about God.  

They are just three of the girls I love most
I know my face looks like it's about to burst in this picture, but I don't care.. It's that one picture I had with the three of them during Gencounter so I'm posting it! Hahahahaha

Best to keep distraction away. FOCUS to encountering God.
Saying good bye to distractions to wholly absorb everything.

With some of our friends, Michelle, Je Ann and Schae. 

I am so so so blessed to witness your journey with the Lord!
You have taught me a lot of things about humility, servanthood, and op cors, love.
There are a lot more to learn for all of us. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do it with you!
You know how much of an open book my life is for you. Haha I'm willing to bare all of me, to make every part of  me available to you. My goal is to impart to you every little lesson I learned (and am still learning) from my personal journey with the King. With these parcels of wisdom, along with the lessons you learn from your own personal journey with God, grow deeper in your faith.

I love you! Now that God has led you this far, offer Him your best. I know He has great plans for your lives, He has ministries prepared for you to do.
Just keep fighting, lady warriors! 

P. S. If God touches your heart to pray for them, please do so. Let raising up Christ-like leaders be ever in our hearts.


Casey Lyn Albario said...

Glory to God! :))

Casey Lyn Albario said...

im so touched ;) you are really a big blessing faye! :)) I love You! <3

Faye Medina said...

My role in your growth is so little.. It's all between you and the Lord. He made you grow! And I'm so blessed to have witnessed it. May God bless you more CL! ♡