Monday, May 13, 2013

Let the Pricking Commence!

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Have you ever experienced being confronted about your behavior?
You hate that feeling. Who would ever like the feeling of being rebuked? When rebuked, you feel like you're a butter slowly melting on a hot pan. You're embarrassed and on top of that, you are helpless. As soon as someone tells you the weaknesses you struggle with for so long, your body would feel limp, as if suddenly vanishing would be a great help in the moment. 

That's why, when rebuked, one engages in one of the various defense mechanisms so as to dodge the hurtful attack of the pointing finger.

Hearing piercing words that pokes our weaknesses makes us a lot more sensitive than usual.
And here are some of the things we tend to do:
1. Blame Our Past
We recall a grim situation in the past that had the greatest influence on our weakness. We become upset at the scars our past had left us. We think we're scarred for life.
2. Blame Our Environment
We look at how we were raised, and what culture we were raised in. We remember how each person behaves, how each one's weaknesses became your own.
3. Use "Nobody's Perfect" for Justification
We settle at who we are today. We sometimes think that we've already done enough good. And we think that we don't have to do our best in overcoming weaknesses because nobody's perfect. We think there's no point in pursuing victory over weaknesses because it would be an endless chase. And besides, you might think it would make you less human if you have no weakness or two.
4. Point at Others' (not necessarily relevant) Mistakes
They say that comparison to others brings misery. I don't think this applies only when it brings envy. It may also apply when comparison to others brings self-righteousness. Self-righteousness does not only fuel one's pride. It also significantly retards one's growth.

These things, your past, your environment, your imperfections and your insecurities, these are some of the things Jesus's blood covers. His blood gives us freedom from the chains of these things. So when you blame these things, when you try to point the finger to these, it's like saying that these things still have the power over you. It's like submitting to their stronghold and admitting defeat.

Moreover, we do these alternatives when we are too prideful to take off our "honor" for a minute to let God examine our entirety. It could be really hard to take off all the medals, all the achievements, all the ribbons, and be bare-naked before God so He could be able to clean what remains dirty inside. It is hard to suddenly be the worst person you know, and forget all the best parts about yourself.
That is how pride makes it a lot harder.

However, if you think about it a lot deeper, you would be dumbfounded.
Recount your achievements. Don't all these belong to your Father? So why take pride in the honor you don't deserve at all? Rebukes remind us of who we are in reality. We are mere channels of God's power!

So when God wants to change something in you, let Him.
Do not be a hard-headed kid clinging onto his "achievements" so tightly.
God knows how to maximize your potentials more than you do.
And besides,
you don't "perform" for your own glory, do you?

"Repent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings."
Proverbs 1:23

When was the last time you were rebuked? How did you respond?

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