Monday, June 3, 2013

All because of Grace

Last Saturday, we, Gencon ladies, had our day out!
It was a lot of fun! I got to talk to and to make kulit to some of the genconers who were new to me.
The GC Ladies' Day Out is definitely something I anticipate every summer!
I have no biological sister. This activity makes me appreciate how God showered me with great sisters I have in Him! Haha! Watch video at the end of this post to see what we were up to  

I am so thankful to Ate Jana (her blog here) for giving me an opportunity to share some things that I've learned about Modesty. It was my first time to talk in front of around 30 ladies about this, that's why it was very memorable.

From the moment I read Ate Jana's message telling me of the opportunity I have to share about modesty to these girls, until the end of my talk, I can only think of one thing.
I am so undeserving.

If you saw how I dress in the first few months of January 2012, you would never ever think that I would actually encourage others to pursue modesty. If you rewind a lot further, you would see a naive girl who does not care, at all, how much skin she was showing.

There was even a shopping moment in my life when I literally cried to my parents, asking them to buy a tube top for me! Could you imagine that? Haha. They ended up buying me a yellow tube. I never wore it, only because the label was so itchy. If it weren't, I would be willing to walk around wearing it. That was when I was only 12 years old!

A few years after that desperate-for-an-immodest-top moment, I found myself confident of wearing bikini tops in resorts. I wore shorts, because I loathe the idea of wearing bikini bottoms in public. But bikini tops I liked. I was not worried at all when I wore those.

Until God shook me up and told me that modesty is the best fashion trend in His eyes!
It was a difficult change! I resisted the change. I always tried to justify wearing some pieces that are actually undoubtedly immodest. I bargained with God a lot. "Lord, please let me wear this one? Please give me peace while wearing this beautiful mini skirt? See it isn't as short as you think.. Please? Peace, please?" But then it was a clear no.

It was a lot of struggling.
A lot of asking why I should pursue modesty so radically.
A lot of excuses, a lot of pain surrendering.

But God enabled me.

Gradually He changed not just what's in my wardrobe.
He transformed what's in my chest.

He taught my heart how to love Him and how to shut the door to my selfish desires.
He taught me how to see myself in the way He sees me. He told me that I am precious, that I am His temple, that I am His servant.
He taught my heart to be passionate in serving my brothers and sisters through modesty.

His love looked beyond my selfish and unreflective immodesty.
His love was persistent in getting me out of destruction from dressing for vanity.
It is God's grace alone that brought me into the beauty of the heart-driven modesty.

And He can also transform YOU.
You may think that modesty isn't for you because of how you dress today.
But God tells you otherwise. He called you higher, young lady.
Let Him do with you what's best for you.
Surrender, obey and be amazed.

How is your past (and/or present) fashion style keeping you from pursuing modesty whole-heartedly?

P.S. Here's the video, as promised. Almost forgot it! Haha

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