Monday, June 3, 2013

Bright + White

His grace allowed me to renew my fashion style - a style that gives me freedom from my old self.

Top: F&H | Bracelets: Accessorize | Pants: SM Dept Store | Shoes: Unlisted
These jeans are as comfy as your favorite leggings, but it isn't as form-fitting as that.
Great alternative!
For a hot weather, wear white.
To show the world how happy you are in the Lord, bright colors! 


Anonymous said...

Ummm i just wanna ask, what could i wear on a beach/swimming party without being immodest? Thank you for creating this blog. Such a blessing!

Faye Medina said...

Hi ☺ I gotta admit, I like going to beach parties because I see it as a chance to wear bright-colored maxi dresses/skirts! You know, like those with really soft and flowy fabric? If you'd prefer a maxi skirt, I'd match it with a breezy crop top and would bring a summer-y scarf ☺ To God be the glory!

Much♡, Faye