Saturday, February 1, 2014

Let's Revolutionize the Love Month!

We know it's here when hearts, teddy bears, red decors surround us wherever we go!
It's when the gift shops, restaurants and other romantic places intentionally give discounts and promos. if nudging you to buy something for your loved one.

And by loved one, you know what I mean.
Other half. Life partner. Boyfriend/Girlfriend.
Sinta, giliw, mahal.

Not everyone likes February. Because it makes some people SAD.
Cause it's the dreaded Single-Awareness Day, they say.

But why do we overemphasize couples during the Love Month, when love is an intense verb that we give to more than one person.

Love is something we share with the people who were heaven-sent and were meant to make our lives a lot brighter!  

Being single myself, I choose to spend this month to appreciate the people who have filled my life with love.. that makes me see that you don't have to have a boyfriend to experience love!

And for the first day of the love week..

Day 1
My Mom 

This woman is the most amazing woman in the world!
She was (and still is) the person who have taught me and showed me how to love with the love of the Lord. She is actively demonstrating this gracious yet disciplining love 24/7.
She gives me a picture of a woman who, every single time I know, chooses to serve others.

I become sad whenever I think of the days when I chose to be rebellious and to maintain a safe distance between her. But when a "friend" called her crazy when she was just expressing her overflowing love in outrageous ways, I was shocked at how this friend can be so hateful at someone so loving!
That was the time I realized that my mom was the Best Friend I always wanted and needed!
Not the ones I met in school. Not the ones I meet just anywhere.
No, I haven't yet found someone who would exceed the love the she could give!
She is someone filled with wisdom and understanding that makes me seek her thoughts and blessing in every endeavor I make.

My mom is the most amazing mom in the world!
And it's not even mother's day that drives me to say this.. (lol)
It's my 20 years of experience of being her daughter that makes me say so.


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