Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Who wants to be a trend-setter?

Top: thrifted | Polka-dot Overalls: Forever 21 | Shoes: Aeropostale

Be a bold trend-setter!
I wasn't always modest, but I was always an admirer of fashion. I adore how one can wear a piece of art, and I realize how much courage one should muster if she wants to be a trend-setter. Trends aren't born overnight - these are set by fashion revolutionists who are bored of the mainstream and who think that creativity is limitless.

I know how bold one should be if you want to be more creative with your clothes! If bold colors are a trend right now, like those found in runways this Summer 2014 (see this post), you would need the guts to color-block in the midst of the pale crowd! Sporting a trend can mean having your passion rule over your insecurities and fears.

But what is your passion?
What should be your passion?
Be passionate about the most beautiful thing in the world! Yes, be passionate about something even more beautiful than fashion itself!
Fix your heart on the Designer of everything beautiful! Be passionate about God more than anything. 

Your clothes can be a very bold expression of what you're really passionate about.
Are you more passionate about fashion, following the newest trends? Or are you more passionate for God, using fashion to glorify God?

It's your choice.
I don't know about you.
But for me, if I am bold in sporting a bright orange shirt in a scandalous polka-dot overalls,
I choose to be bolder in sporting a timeless trend called modesty, all for the glory of the Lord!



Aleksandra Ladygin said...

I love polka dots so much! You look great!

Faye Medina said...

Thank you Aleksandra! :) The polka dots make the look more playful, don't they? ♥
God bless!

angeldress said...

I like your dress show, keep on.

Faye Medina said...

Thank you angeldress! I will. God bless you :)